SESC Guarulhos

Guarulhos - Brazil


Open Competition - 1st prize.

Under Construction.

 Area: 29.000 sq m.

Concentrating the various social, cultural, recreational and sporting activities that always feature SESC’s buildings, the project is structured around a large Living Square thatreceives the urban flows and then articulates and distributes the activities through the entire complex. This woody, transparent and permeable Square integrates and exposes the events and activities, incorporating the surrounding landscape to the internal spaces.  A roofing system composed of metal grids, glass, air extractors and adjustable louvers for sun protection filters the natural light and crown this diaphanous space of mediation between the natural environmen­­t and the built surroundings.

Internal circulations, arranged in a simple and neat fashion by ramps, walkways and corridors that lean on the Living Square,expose users' movements and strengthen the extrovert character of the building. 

SESC Guarulhos