Water Square

Open Competition - 1st Prize

Campinas - Brazil


Area: 5.540 sq m

This plaza is the result of a contest held by a drinking water company in the Brazilian city of Campinas. The project consists in the rehabilitation of a water tank located near a central area. 

The plaza is proposed as a walkable space in any direction and its design is marked by a set of parallel axes that contain the few elements presented: water, vegetation and seating. These three functional lines interrupt the ground’s continuous surface, paved with slabs of gray stone.

The lines of water are expressed in two different ways. In one, a mirror of still waters has been built to serve as a line marking the edge of the constructed area and offers a space for peace and contemplation. In the other, a series of fountains sprout directly from the ground in the center of the plaza, creating a transparent barrier of motion. The stone benches are arranged one behind the other under the vegetation’s partial shade, which acts as a filter between the plaza and the city. 

Fotos: Dal Pian

Water Square