National Library Annex

Rio de Janeiro - Brasile


Open Competition - 3rd Place.

Area: 13.886m².

The Docklands area is a fragment of a city under reconstruction.
In this context, “Porto Maravilha” presents itself as a structuring territory for a new urban landscape composed by new buildings, recycled buildings for different kinds of use and multiple spaces designed to embrace people’s interaction and reunion.
Parallel to the sea, the National Library Annex is located adjacent to a Public Square and enclosed by “Binário do Porto”, a Freeway and a pedestrian’s path. Along with “Cidade do Samba”, the Municipal Theater’s “Fábrica de Espetáculos”, the Aquarium, the Rio de Janeiro Art Museum and several other buildings and historical places, the proposed Annex will compose an expressive architectural complex in order to enhance the local culture and leisure.
The distinctive location, united to the building’s relevance as an institutional and public sign, reinforces its considerable symbolic and representative value to the city.In order to qualify the urban environment, the building design should harmonize with the surroundings’ rhythm and scale, creating a continuous spatial relation with the involving landscape and the urban flow. Therefore, we believe that the building architecture should be established as an urban reference - strong, neat and solid.
In the interest of preserving the existing core and accommodating appropriately all demands, the new annex occupies the whole area of the irregular site. Thus the building, designed according to the lot occupation,projects itself over a public square in order to better receive and absorb the urban flow.
Composed by a ground level, a basement, a mezzanine and three more levels, the building’s volume is unified by a metallic skin created for environmental protection and external coating. The forth level provides varied perspectives of the landscape surroundings through a system of covered porches that integrates the East, West and North Wings.
According to the library program, the building is organized by:
East Wing – facing the Public Square, the intense circulation areas are situated here: Public Library, Events Area and Bar/Restaurant.
West Wing – counts with an independent access control to the administrative and service sectors, the support area and the Public Library infrastructure.
North Wing – transition area between the public and private sectors, concentrates the vertical circulations and the restrooms by area. 

National Library Annex