Coldrerio Intergenerational Housing Quarter

Coldrerio / Switzerland


Area: 12.050,00 sqm.


Considering the landscape, scale and topographical conditions of the place, the project integrates the new buildings with the preserved edifications of the ” Casa Comunale, Scuola Elementare e Scuola dell’Infanzia ” through an architecture not only oriented to the specific solutions of its activities and functions but also oriented towards the construction of a continuous, cohesive and unitary urban landscape.

The internal routes of the Quartiere Intergerazionale are treated as an extension of existing public roads. As a way of promoting  interaction among the various types of users, the spaces of common and public use of Casa per Anziani internally pass through and transport into the building the organicity, the dynamics and the spatial continuities present in the environment.

Facing Via Campo Sportivo, we propose the Casa per Anziani and the Centro Comunale Polivalente as two new independent and little vertical buildings that take ownership of the natural unevenness of the land. This deployment provides connections and public routes within the terrain that unify the buildings and strengthen their related and complementary activities.


International Competition
with Arpino Masella Architettura.