Collective Housing Units Sobradinho

Brasilia / Brazil


Area: 6.329,00 sqm.


In a rectangular plot of 15.00m x 60.00m, 03 bands of occupancy wit equal size are created, configured by 02 Parallel Slabs built on Pilotis along the longitudinal borders of the land and by one Empty Center, which contain the collective circulations and access to the apartments.

The Service / Technical environments and the spaces of community interaction are located in the Ground Floor, such as the Academy Room / Games and the Hall of Festivals / Meetings. A Garden with benches in the projection of the Empty Center intersects the routes under the Pilotis and incorporates the green to the visions and use of the residents. In the Underground, each housing unit has an independent parking space.

The layout of the building in 02 Parallel Slabs and one empty center allows the flooring of the housing units to establish 03 types of Spaces: Common Spaces, Transition Spaces and Private Spaces.


Open Competition – Honorable Mention.