Dal Pian wins competition for the new unit of SESC in Guarulhos



Dal Pian Arquitetos wins competition sponsored by SESC São Paulo for the project of the new Guarulhos Unit, with an estimated covered area of ​​15,000 sqm. The project is the first to be chosen through a public architectural competition.

As a building that generates social activities, SESC GUARULHOS imposes itself as a strong and readable urban sign, establishing with the urban environment and the adjacent public park a continuous, direct and fruitive spatial connection.

The project is structured around a large Square of Coexistence that, receiving the external flows, concentrates, articulates and distributes the various and complementary activities of the complex.

As a green space, transparent and permeable to external perspectives, the integrating square exposes the events of the building and incorporates the surrounding landscape into its internal environments.