Dal Pian Architects is awarded at the National Competition for Collective Collective Housing Units in Samambaia




The project for Collective Housing Units in Samambaia, Federal District, proposed by Dal Pian Architects receives Honorable Mention in the award.

Samambaia is a territory under construction. It mixes horizontal individual houses with buildings of average verticality, composed of a heterogeneous landscape, fragmented and discontinued by empty places and undeveloped land, which are recurrent characteristics of urban environments in process of growth and transformation.

One of the design strategies adopted  is the free ground floor under pilotis, which is gently  connected with the city routes. Pedestrian and vehicle circulations never intersect, ensuring the integrity of flows and the safety of users.

The typologies are unique. Continuous terraces accessed from the living, dining, and dormitory rooms extend their private spaces.

Check out the boards at the CODHAB portal.