Dal Pian Architects is awarded in the National Public Competition – House of Sustainability




National public architectural design competition for the Sustainability House, located in Parque Taquaral, Campinas.

The proposal from Dal Pian Architects won Honorable Mention in the award.

“Our project seeks to respect this territory, understand this context and respond to the social, environmental and ecological premises required in the reference term through a consonant, harmonic and Brazilian architecture, which expresses the strength of its symbolism.”



Placed longitudinally in the north / south direction of the terrain, the Pavilion does not rest directly on the ground – it seems to land on the ground.

The House of Sustainability is a Pavilion of Integrated Activities, surrounded by transparent closures environmentally protected by large eaves and brises in screen-printed glass.

Permeable to the visual perspectives, both internal and external, the House of Sustainability was conceived as a friendly and extroverted building, which values ​​the landscape and the integration with the environment.

To see the complete project, click here.