Dal Pian Architects is awarded for the new National Library Project




Competition sponsored by the National Library Foundation (FBN) and the Urban Development Company of the Rio de Janeiro Port Region (CDURP), and organized by the Rio de Janeiro Department of the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB-RJ).

Dal Pian’s proposal for the New Annex of the National Library of Rio de Janeiro won the third prize in the competition.

”We think of the Public Library as a great architectural route. An integrated space where we combine the Traditional Library, with its serene and introspective atmosphere, the Virtual Library, with information available in a communication network and the interactive, multifunctional and sometimes informal library, known to us the Contemporary Library “.



A place of conservation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge. The library, as a public building, is a reference of great symbolic value in cities – its prevalent and prominent urban presence goes back centuries.

This condition, combined with the culture of free time and the growing value that immaterial goods such as information, knowledge and creativity acquire, enables the library to broaden its functions and become an integrated social catalyst for services aimed at culture, information, training, study. , meeting, entertainment and leisure.