Honorable Mention for Fundamental Education Center – Parque do Riacho




National Public Architecture Competition for the Fundamental Education Center – Parque do Riacho (CEF), organized and promoted by CODHAB-DF, to be built at Riacho Fundo II, in the Federal District.

The Parque do Riacho Fundamental Education Center School project, designed by Dal Pian Architects, won the Honorable Mention.

“For us, the diverse, friendly and interactive school space is associated with the quality of human and educational relationships”.

Fundamental Education Center offers the teaching and coexistence of students from early literacy to early adolescence. This is a period of life of growth and great transformation, in which the individual is open to socialization, learning and the absorption of knowledge.

We propose a modulated building of three floors, composed of two parallel slabs connected at their ends by two volumes destined for the Auditorium and the Covered Court. This distribution forms a generous internal  void destined for an inclusive Social Plaza.

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