Goodman Cajamar Logistics Center

São Paulo / SP

2019 – 2022

Área: 65.092,74m²

Goodman Cajamar Logistics Center, located in a property with 225.558,73m², is strategically positioned at Jordanesia roundabout, a place with easy access to both directions of Anhanguera Highway, which allows a rapid fulfillment to São Paulo metropolitan area and northern cities. Goodman Cajamar has a fully equipped warehouse, docks and parking spots for trucks and vehicles, and other support buildings that include security/checkpoint; on-site amenities (restaurant, shower facilities, locker rooms, and administrative area); and technical spaces.

A headlight of Goodman Cajamar Logistics Center is the Tilt-Up system used for its facades, which saved time and resources, increasing the rationalization of the construction process. Due to the project choices, it received the LEED Silver certification, which seals the environmental and energetic efficiency of the construction. That sustainable approach is present in attitudes such as the collection and reuse of rainwater and the abundant use of natural ventilation and light. But, more than that, it started with the project concept, respecting the site’s conditions and preserving the maximum of its natural resources.


Photographs: Nelson Kon

Drone photographs: Pedro Mascaro