Goodman Itaquera Logistics Center

São Paulo / SP

2019 – 2022

Área: 44.980,27m²

Goodman Itaquera Logistics Center, located in a property with 64.684,71 m², is strategically positioned in Itaquera, enabling a quick last-mile fulfillment for the São Paulo metropolitan area. The Center includes two logistic warehouses, 110 truck loading docks, and a group of support buildings: security/checkpoint building; on-site amenities (restaurant, shower facilities, locker rooms, and administrative area); and technical spaces.

To guarantee the functionality of the complex, the project allocated the buildings on the site in a way that allows rational and optimized flow paths. Also, their dimensions fit the required operation and storage spaces. Another headlight of Goodman Itaquera Logistics Center is its LEED Gold certification, which seals the environmental and energetic efficiency of the construction. That is a consequence of the project choices, such as collecting and reusing rainwater as well as taking advantage of natural ventilation and light. But more than that, it is a result of the project’s conception, which respects the site’s conditions and preserves the maximum of its natural resources and native vegetation.


Photographs: Nelson Kon

Drone photographs: Pedro Mascaro