Milano Sesto San Giovanni

Milan / Italy



As a contribution to the construction of a new territory, we propose construction based on the following premises:

Relationship with public spaces – a transparent and permeable ground floor that selectively receives residents and users of the city. Its direct, consequent and friendly relationship with public spaces seeks to contribute to the construction of a more inclusive and democratic urban land.

Relationship with the landscape – An insertion in the landscape that does not negatively affect its faces. The design of its volume from various visual perspectives that the supplier provides to maintain the integrity and unitary unity, contributing to the balance and harmony of the city that can be rebuilt.

Relation to its time – a programmatic reading that reinterprets ” i cortile e le case di ringhiera della tradizione milanese “, which shows Express through a contemporary architecture that denounces and emphasizes its time.


International Competition
with Arpino Masella Architettura.