New Headquarters and Central Laboratories of Fleury’s Group

São Paulo / SP

2018 – 2023

Area: 37.000 sqm

The New Headquarters and Central Laboratories of Fleury’s Group are located on the intersection of Santo Amaro and Morumbi Avenues, in the South Zone of São Paulo city.

On the ground floor, the service area creates a connection with the city through an open circulation path. That enhances the pedestrian flow between the two avenues.

The building’s extensive program is distributed over 14 floors, each of them equipped with adequate infrastructure for their complex functions. Another four underground floors are destined for technical areas and parking lots.

Designed as a large tower in exposed concrete, a composition is created on its envelope using glass and environmental protection louvers. The base of the building is encased with randomly perforated aluminum sheets, while the upper floors received a system of horizontal terracotta baguettes fixed in metal walkways.

Photographs: Nelson Kon
Drone photographs: Alberto Ricci