Multipurpose Sports Complex Colégio Santo Inácio

Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

2008 – 2010

Area: 7.380,00 sqm.


The sports complex of the traditional Colégio Santo Inácio is located in the district of Botafogo, south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Implanted next to the forest that covers Morro Dona Marta, it is formalized as a laminar body of 91×28,5m in metallic structure, sealed by a continuous system of horizontal brises also metallic, that provide sun protection with permanent ventilation. The program consists of  three floors, multi-sport courts that alternate on each pavement, providing heights appropriate to sports practices. Toilets, locker rooms and storage distributed on these floors and an indoor pool, independent and contiguous to this building, complete the program of the complex.

Photos: Dal Pian
Hunter Douglas