Enrico Fermi School

Turim / Italy


Area: 7.900,00 sqm.


The international competition Torino fa Scuola (Turin School), promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, in collaboration with the city of Turin, originates from a cultural, pedagogical and architectural reflection on new learning spaces. The objective is the restructuring and reorganization of the secondary school Enrico Fermi, located in a central district in process of transformation in the city of Turin.

We think of the new Enrico Fermi school as an integrated urban social catalyst to integrate differrent types of services as education, study, training, information, meeting, entertainment and leisure.


New volumetry

With the exception of the new body of the Gymnasium, moved to the alignment of the rest of the building in Via Genova, the new internal stairs and the elevator, the whole existing structure of the building will be maintained.

The existing frames will be replaced and enlarged in their dimensions, as well as masonry, replaced by pre-fabricated lightweight closing panels. The new diaphanous body of the Gymnasium, thought like an equipment of use of the students and the residents, stands out in the school.

Part of the existing parking lot will be used as an area for outside school activities, both for didactic use and for leisure use. New accesses along the peripheral boundary of the building seek to reinforce its urban presence and its public and social character.


Accesses and circulations 

A  building   with varied accesses that relate directly to the routes of the city. Internally, its concentrated circulation with great transparency and permeability, expose the movement of users and reinforce the extroverted character of the building.


Visual prospects

The building has a variety of spaces and openings that make its events visible, explain its movements and foster the encounter, interaction and exchange of experiences among students of different age groups.


International Competition
with Arpino Masella Architettura.