Novecentopiùcento – extension of the Novecento Museum

Milan / Italy


Area: 8,000.00 sqm

The museum that houses and exhibits expressions of Italian art from the 21st century onwards, is located in the second Torre del Arengario, in Milan’s central Piazza del Duomo.

Transforming the spaces of Secondo Arengario into an extension of the Museo del Novecento  places us in front of the need to intervene in an architecture conceived for other uses, modifying a reality without altering the original meaning of its construction. If this situation leads us to preserve existing compositions and, consequently, to respect the integrity of what is built, it also drives us to, whenever we incorporate new elements into these compositions, we do so in order to denounce the diversity that time establishes.

In our proposal, the new interventions seek to avoid mimetic gestures, assuming a contemporary and balanced language in relation to existing architectures. A desire for continuity and complementarity in which the current and the new, the original and the repair are incorporated into a new singularity that respects the project of Griffini, Magistretti, Muzio and Portaluppi and composes with the expressive Museu del Novecento by Italo Rota, with Auxilia, Fornasari and Molinari, in Primo Arengario, a unitary and harmonic set.